They end up on the streets when they are still children. Austin was poor, Felix was beaten by his drunk parents, Emmanuel was abandoned. They make money by carrying groceries, collecting plastic, begging. They start sniffing glue to forget their loneliness and quickly become addicted. The street absorbs them and destroys them. They are ten, twelve, fourteen years old… The youngest boy was only seven years old when he was found on the street. What do they need? Home, care, safety. They receive this in Ciloto, an orphanage for street boys. There they regain their childhood, although overcoming addiction is a long-term process. Get to know the everyday life and stories of boys from the Zambian streets.

Salesian Missionary Foundation “Don Bosco”
Fr. Peter Gozdalski SDB

Magdalena Torbiczuk

Iwona Błędowska
Fr. Peter Gozdalski SDB

Krzysztof Karpiński

Fr. Mike Pace SDB

Krzysztof Karpiński
Radosław Kozakiewicz
Agata Januszewska

INTERESTING FACT No. 01 The photos were taken at a Salesian facility in Zambia, near Kabwe. You can see the exact address on Google map:

INTERESTING FACT No. 02 The material was created within 2 weeks in November 2022. The entire movie files took up 850 GB.

INTERESTING FACT No. 03 While filming the scenes, we witnessed Bright Phiri, whom we met at the telephone booths, being admitted to the orphanage. We interviewed 30 people in front of the camera.

INTERESTING FACT No. 04 This is our first documentary film made in 4K quality. Volunteers working on site also showed help by sending missing copies of fishermen by the water, ladies selling fish and Magda (a psychologist) while working with boys from the orphanage.


You can see what the production of the documentary “RESCUED FROM THE STREETS” looked like. The work lasted over two weeks. We talked to 30 people to present the local situation of boys from the orphanage as objectively as possible. We were close to the heroes every day, from waking up at 5 a.m. until late at night. Iwona took photos, Karpik filmed everything around, and Fr. Peter caught the drone every time. After returning to Poland, Magda collected all the recorded content and put it together with the help of her husband Mikołaj, her friend Dorota and the Bwala seminarian. Thank you to IWONA BŁĘDOWSKA for the photos.